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Yosemite – tours

Today was our last real day in the park. The girls took a horse riding tour and Drew (since he is allergic to fur) took the valley floor tour. Everyone met back up at the visitor center where the girls got junior ranger badges and patches. Then stopped at the store for ice cream.

While we were leaving the park we saw a rescue helicopter getting ready to take off and crowds in the field nearby (slaughter house meadow maybe). The rangers were conducting a rescue operation for some climbers about halfway up el capitan. Some climbers from Agorra (small European country) who had completed the climb earlier informed us the area where the incident occurred is called ‘Texas flake’. We’re hoping for a successful rescue.

We actually saw a rescue earlier in the week and during the valley floor tour the ranger explained that some one slipped and slid into the creek. The climbed to a rock but were flown out to avoid hypothermia.

Yosemite rescue teams are about as capable as they come.


Yosemite – Mariposa Grove & Clacier Point

It is amazing being able to visit a natural wonder of the world after work…

Mariposa Grove was a very nice compliment to Sequoia last week. The tram ride was a bit pricey, but it was great to have a open view and someone else minding the road.

After the Sequoia trees we stopped at glacier point in time to catch a beautiful sunset. Wonderful view but a long ride home and a late night out on a work day.


Cellular Reception

Or lack thereof. Yosemite has pretty poor cell service. The Yosemite Pines Campground has no service. Which was a problem for Drew while working. But we purchased a cellular booster and were able to eke out the remainder of the week.


Mono Lake & Devils Postpile

Super long driving day ($70 incase you’re curious) but we saw so much. The eastern Sierras looked like the alps with wide expanses of green marching up high exposed granite. Driving over a mountain to get there was humbling with a reasonable amount of snow and still frozen lakes.

Devils Postpile was a simple hike (2-3 min) after a rather interesting bus ride from Mammoth ski resort where they were still skiing (I think Monday is the last day, and I would guess you’d use skis you hated). Very interesting rock formation. Drew was expecting ‘a flat devils tower’ but it was more complex and interesting. Worth an hour detour? Yeah.

We finished our day at Southern Tufa at Mono lake. Easily one of the most alien locations we’ve seen. I guess a little like wet sand you let slip through your fingers but on a huge scale. The girls stopped and immediately recognized the uniqueness of the location, which was cool to watch after so many times of trying to explain the significance of things.

The night ended with a 2+ hour night drive across Yosemite, which started as nice as you might think but ended as a trudge.



Made it to Yosemite Thursday and took a drive around the valley after drew finished with work Friday afternoon. Very impressive granite walls, waterfalls, and spectacular scenery. Neither cell service has worked well, so it has been difficult to post.

Off to Sequoia

We’ve left Point Mugu for the last time (for this trip at least). The drive north was beautiful, with high mountain passes, grand views, and ultimately a very changed land scape. We’re much higher, drier, and greener now.

The drive got a little technical toward the end, but while the truck and trailer performed admirably our navigation was less than idea. 1 new ding, happy again to have used gear.

Back at Point Mugu

Getting Lefty’s (Kathryn) arm checked back out. Also got the girls teeth cleaned. All the trappings of normal life.

Beautiful full moon. Found out that it was the time of year grunion run, but alas no grunion were running during our stay.

Cabrilllo NM

We got a late start to this park, but this park offers a great view of San Diego. The name sake of the park seems to be one of a select few Spanish explorers that was not completely rude and brutal to the natives…

Also drove around Coronado and almost to Tijuana before returning to Camp Pendleton.


San Diego

Beach front camping can involve work too. We stayed at Del Ray beach on the south end of Camp Pendleton. The location worked very well for us. We were able to take the girls to Legoland, and Drew got to visit the Stone brewery. Kathryn was able to meet an online/Facebook friend, and our girls enjoyed playing with their sons. The resort had no wi-fi and Drew went through a fair amount of data, so we went a while without posting. …camping on the sand sounds great, but we’ve got sand in pretty much everything now, and the laundry room was shockingly dirty. But we had a nice time. We’re heading back to point mugu for a week and then on to sequoia and Yosemite.