Adventure in Alabama

Kathryn was concerned when we left Louisiana that Alabama did not have an adventure. We’ve crossed the state several times, but with the exception of fuel or lunch at a rest stop, we’d hardly even slowed down in the state. 

When we headed back toward Maryland from Pensacola FL, Kathryn mentioned a few detours we might entertain. However, she needed to be in MD for a concert the following Saturday and it was looking like Drew would need to attend a Thursday meeting. Some certainties abound with RV travel, like problems occur when you’re pressed for time and things often take longer than you expect to get fixed. Three days (Friday – Sunday) is not as long as it sounds when you’re pulling you home over the highway. 

About two hours after we left (west of Brewton AL) we had our fifth blowout. This time the tread came off the tire in apparently one piece. Unfortunately that piece broke out freshly replaced fender skirt and busted the end of sewer connection, notably the bayonet connector which the sewer hose connects too. Joy. 

After finding that a tow truck would take 2+ hours to get there we started up the road to find a better place to sit than the shoulder of AL-113. Turns out there was a truck tire place right behind the the kangaroo next to the I-65 exit. They did not sell truck tires, but the fine gentleman working there took the few minute to have us pull through and change the tire for us. For free no less, we gave him $20 and our thanks. Kathryn found some adventure in Alabama after all, Adams the girls were pleased with a new accelerated return schedule.