Flatly Tired in Minnesota.

Yesterday, driving from Medora, North Dakota to our stay in Fargo, I put into my new, fancy to-do app several items. One was to make reservations in Sioux City, IA for our stay that will gain us adventures in two states: Nebraska and Iowa. Another was to make family Halloween plans . The girls had begun to dream of it and pretend about it and plan it already. In the note section of the first, I put “find a campground with a Halloween festival weekend”. I was thinking this would be difficult and a few weeks out. Then, I began tackling some to-do’s.

I peeked at our campground App, Allstays, and found a KOA in North Sioux City, SD. As I called, two birds fell out of the sky. Figuratively, of course. They only had a few spaces left because of their Halloween festival this weekend. A third bird may have fallen as well. That is yet to be seen. I may be able to teach some Uke.

But, here is the thing. It took us a bit to get out today from our stay just west of Fargo. I woke up tired and grouchy, so I laced up and ran laps around the campground. Just short laps but simply doing it makes such a difference. Much better. Plus, we lost an hour in North Dakota. Time change.

As we rounded through Fargo, I insisted on an adventure into the neighboring town of Moorhead, Minnesota. Moorhead delivered an adventure, alright. And four experiences of Minnesota Hospitality.
We drove through and thought the place was charming. A small, college town that is separated by Fargo only by a river, we knew there would be a good cuppa joe. After finding an ample parking spot near this place, I went in to find Adventure in a cup. http://moxiejavafargo.com/

Not only was I served by a bison,


But the friendly bison served us her favorite salty caramel mocha in the frozen and hot varieties. Our first taste of Minnesota. Her coffee and her hospitality.

Yum. I carried them out to the RV and found out that Drew had discovered a flat tire.


Yes, the flat tire was on the same side as the window that blew away in Washington (which took to long to get the right part in, so we chose to bring it home to get it fixed) AND the same side as the fender skirt that broke away in a dust storm in Amarillo (same timeline)

We were parked on road that was not very busy. That was a good thing. Luckily, we have Good Sam. After we called them to get assistance, we removed the bikes to access the garage. We got out the spare.

A quick note on changing fifth wheel
tires. It is Unadvisable. An exercise in futility and it a good way to get hurt. So, we called and waited. Stuck up some nifty orange cones to give us berth while we were waiting.

A nice man who was just coming home from the college parade stopped to see if we needed help. He and his daughter gave our girls some candy from the parade. This guy was “Minnesota kind”. He was from Mandan, ND but, since we were in Minnesota, we’ll say he was our second true taste of the Minnesota hospitality. Thanks, dude. Luckily, we were okay and thought that someone would be there some time soon, but it was nice to know you had our back. Generous strangers.

Some time soon came very soon. When this guy showed up with a very big hydraulic three ton jack.

IMG_0727.JPGI left spli


Yep, that’ll do it.

Pretty soon we were off trekking. He didn’t even accept a tip. Thanks Good Sam. And thanks Justin, the wonderful. You make the world a better place.
Minnesota hospitality number three.

Number four came presently when we drove back to the main road and saw something blue blow out of the truck. Drew surmised that it was the cover to our orange levelers. We drive a few blocks to backtrack and found an appropriate place to stop. Drew used the time to potty stop the girls and grab a snack while I went back to where we saw the blue fly out.

It was a windy day. The beautiful Minnesota fall leaves were blowing around as well as other various debris that had been caught up. I looked north, and south. Scanned the other side with my eyes. I didn’t see the bag and didn’t hold much promise of finding it. Perhaps it would be our fiat Minnesota litter. Hopefully our only.

A young woman in blue walked by. Not noticing her earbuds, I asked if she’d seen a blue bag blowing by. She removed her earbud and said she hadn’t. I scanned a bit. Walked a bit more and then walked back to the corner.
Trying to wave Drew down for a pick up, I saw he was still not settled back into the driver’s seat. I chose to use the wait time to look again. Then, I saw the young woman running back from the other side of the street a block north from where I was.

“Oh, no she didn’t” I said aloud to myself. Then. As I saw the blue and black clearly waving in her hand, “she did.” I walked to greet her and thank her.

Random stranger young lady. Thanks for the random kindness. Minnesota Hospitality. Number four.

And, southbound we were. Good tire. Coffee. Blue bag recovered and grateful hearts. Girls a bit restless.

As fast as that was, we still
hold only a slim hope of getting to the Halloween festival. Additional stops will be required to check tire pressure.

We’ll try.