Glacier. Wowsers Already and it is Just the Beginning!

First day out and are significantly impressed with the vast, pristine wilderness.

After a late start because we were caught up in an Ancient History book and were pretending to be creatures from the Precambrian and Cambrian Eras, we pushed out the door. Yes, we had to push.

A quick stop by the visitors center to get info and Junior Ranger books. A quick hike up the trail there, teensy.

Pauses along the way. Once at the lake where we pondered the idea of change. The most beautiful pebbles. Once at Avalanche, where the girls did a few pages and I had a conversation with a couple from Texas. This is where we think we saw a grizzly.

Another stop at an overlook of a creek where we observed the power of water and how it can carve out a gorge and beautifully shape rock. We talked about eddies. We shared a delicious lollipop.

Hunting for glaciers, we discovered that the experience would be nothing like Alaska glacier experiences. We would have to hike very far and the glaciers seem smaller. But, still! It was great just in sheet vastness of landscape and nature. The glaciers are fewer and smaller now and the hundreds of glaciers have melted to a new total of a piddly, puddly twenty five. By 2030, scientists expect that these important natural resource will will be gone. So sad!

We think we saw a grizzly.
We found mountain goats. Twice.
Crossed the continental divide, twice.

Took a noisy hike as a kiddo sandwich, This is a safety thing. Noisy to warn the bears. Kiddos between the adults to let the mountain lions know we are a pack.
Watched butterflies. Orang-ish ,small butterflies.
Found wildflowers, Many purple. Wondered if orange berries we found were edible.
Awed and gaped at the mountains. Those mountains…

Threw snow balls.

Watched a huge raven stooped on a Subaru.

Oogled a bear and her two cubs. The And ogled the hominids that lost their minds to look at them. Discovered that mama bears eat the orange berries we were wondering about. Also realized that near cubs really are cute. Especially when they are nesting in a tree sleeping with their paw dangling over a branch. Like, teddy bear cute.

And when we returned to the KOA, we
Played with and made new friends from Misoula. We had a Little House on the Prairie bond.

Did origami. Swans.

Then we read and let the young eyes droop.

An experiment with cider and red wine in the evening went deliciously. Hmm.

Tomorrow awaits!