Licked by a Wolf in the Backcountry.

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Pics up yet. Sorry.

Today we took a trek to Bowman Lake. This was a trek to the back country where the roads are not paved. Not only did the road take unexpected turns. So did our day.

We began on the other side of Lake McDonald and through the National Forest on the “fire side” of the lake. From the road, not only could we have an up-close view of the areas of the National Forest and glacier Park that recently burned umma wildfire, we could view Glacier National Park from more of a distance and see the immense peaks from a different perspective.

We passed the Beaver Dam we explored two nights ago and turned north toward Canada. We were continually impressed with the views of the mountains that were recovering from the wildfires and were particularly pleased with the yellows and oranges showing up against the greens and browns.

Aspen and other disiduous trees have begun to turn for the fall here. This drive afforded us many opportunities to gawk at them. Did you know that old Aspen forests may be some of the largest plants in the world? Even surpassing the Redwoods. This is because a large grove may actually be a single organism! I have more research to do on this. My current source on this is talks with Rangers.

We drove pretty far up and found ourselves in a cute little backcountry town of Polson. I only wish I had gotten a picture of the outhouse with a sat illite attached. Some snacks and drinks consumed on the wooden handmade chairs on the porch of the mercantile was more enjoyable than it may seem. We were reminded of Talkeetna, Alaska, though Talkeetna is clearly more populated than the 300 that reside near this oasis.

I chatted music with some of the ladies, one who is learning ukulele. If we returned back from our lake trek, I would teach them a bit. Unfortunately, we did not return in time. Fortunately, we enjoyed our every minute that we spend driving to and soaking up the lake.

Passing back into the park, we crossed a beautiful river and followed the rutted, single-lane up and them down through thick forest, along the river and near cliffs. Evidence of Wildfire was still abundant. The aspen were clearly thriving in some places.

Spending our lake time near the picnic area, we saw more warnings of bear and mountain lions.

Here’s where the wolf comes in.
I looked into the woods as I saw motion a large, grey animal was moving through the wood near the picnic table. My first thought was wolf, judging by size and canid qualities. Then I saw a woman who had the animal on a leash and had a black dog with her as well. I pointed out to the girls that there are big dogs and the woman heard me and told me the large grey one is a wolf. Her pet. Her fourth wolf that she had raised since before the wolf (Motto) had opened his eyes. He was stunning and beautiful. Clearly gentle. The girls asked of they could pet him. We and his parent agreed. We all had the opportunity. We talked for a bit and took some pictures and then separated to explore the Lake.

I don’t know that I can say much more than a picture can about the lake. I don’t think I got any pics of the pebbles that make up the shoreline. So colorful. Much like Lake McDonnel.

After lake time, we met up with the woman and her “dogs”. Having friendly conversation, we say on the shoreline to watch Motto in the water.
Then he did it.

He came over and licked my face! Like, all over! I am not one to mine doggie kisses unless they smell like they are coming out of the other end. Motto’s licks were clean. No slobber. No stink. Just licks.
At some point while a wolf is licking your face, you kind-of think, “Gee. This is a very large carnivorous animal that in the wild is very fierce. In very exposed. Is this a smart thing to do?”. Yes, I did think that. But only for a fleeting, minuscule second. The other time I was thinking, “wow! This amazing creature is lickings face. A wolf. I am being kisses by a wolf. Thank you wolf.

Getting tired. Gotta go prep the RV for movement tomorrow. I’ll
Have to catch up on this later. Totally crashing.