Moscow, Idaho

Enjoying our time here visiting dear friends. What a lovely place!

An adventure getting parked where we had a reservation, but could not stay due to pesky overhead branches threatening the integrity of our rubber roof. What a beautiful place it was!

An easy park that was closer to town. Easy peezy.

Visits with precious boys and their Momma her belly and their Papa. Blue tape art and play.

Also, a visit to a church community that was resonant in its message.

Expansive skies framed only by the grain- and-chocolate-covered hills rolling along toward everywhere.

A small town where everything you need you can walk to. A co-op with delicious, hot gluten-free food and friendly peeps.

An Appaloosa Horse museum. My girl’s favorite horse.

Nez Perce National Historic Park, the “home” of our nomadic, hand-me-down American Girl Doll, Kaya. And an other learning experience in understanding the treatment of the native peoples of this country.

And more to come.