There are no accidents!

It is amazing when you are most of the way across the country and you run into someone you know!

Annie is the sister of a dear Annapolis friend and the daughter of some wonderful people we honored years ago in the Chesapeake Bay String of Pearls Project for protecting their land and, thereby, the Chesapeake Bay.

The story- after a day of homeschooling work, I was tasting some wonderful (and hot) wine today at the Co-op in Moscow. I noticed a young woman who looked familiar and figured I had seen her earlier in one of the many (too many) times I had been in the co-op. I went back to my conversation which included that we are from Maryland.

Then a woman approached me asking me if I said I was from Maryland. I told her I did and she looked familiar and quickly realized she is Ted’s sister! And Katie, her daughter, had taught with me at a camp in Maryland. She is in school in Idaho and Annie was visiting her. They were lunching with Katie’s friend. We spent some time talking. What a surprise!

And what a treat!

We are tempted to go by her town on the way up to Glacier tomorrow. But that could mean difficult roads across the Bitterroot Mountains. Hmmm.

Sorry, Annie, I know the picture is not good of any of us.