Trekking to Vermont. State Number 49

It is weird heading out and getting a hotel reservation. Also weird having to pack again, not carrying our bathroom with us and have to actually plan out a potty stop. And not have my trusty oven twenty feet behind me.

But, we are only two states away from having had adventures in all fifty states by the time Gwynevier is 10 (“Fifty by Ten”). And the big ten is April. It is colder approaching April, believe it or not, than it is now.

And so, we trek north. In the little Subie Forester.

Rollyhome is still in the shop. It has been over a month. The galley holding tank (the tank that collects water from the kitchen sink) is being fixed and it is frozen out there. This means that if they run water through our system then it may freeze and that can be Not good.

So, we have been staying with family. Wonderful visits with my parents and his.

We came back in to Maryland thinking we would be scheduled and “on it”, making play dates and seeing everyone we could. But, after traversing most of the circumference of the country and moving ever-so-fast to get “home”, we have not done much but relax and have not seen many people but family. It has been good to just relax and be with family but it has also been a but unnerving to be out our beloved “Rollyhome”.

The girls still waiver with whether they like being nomadic or not. When we came home, they were asking for a three bedroom home. But, I have to say, being in these “big” spaces for the last four weeks since Rollyhome has been in the shop, they have been quite “off” their rockers. Bigger spaces seems to mean more places to sneak and get into arguments. While we even began to look at homes, it is off the table for now. We’ll just keep living tiny with this big country as our back yard. For now.

After a few weeks of displacement, the girls have been requesting Rollyhome. They want to “be home”. They want I be “in our own space”. I wonder if they have a bit of wander lust. They have been restless and have had difficulty. Honestly, so have we parents.

Our parents are wonderful and gracious and helpful . Their homes are comfortable. The visits and time together are invaluable. But we are just “off”. Something in the air in Maryland.

As I said before, I had grand plans of what I (we) would do in Maryland. We spent time dreaming about purchasing another home and “rooting” but I realized that I was wanting to root because we were out of our home. We just need to slow down a bit. Maybe it will be slow in Vermont.

One thing will be wonderful. Drew will
be on vacation this week. That will mean a wonderful, slow week. Once we get there.

Our itinerary:

Tonight: Scranton, PA.
Tomorrow, visit beloved family in Honesdale area.
Tomorrow night: stay somewhere in New York:
After that: stay somewhere in Vermont.
Maybe get the kids on some skis.
jig up to Canada.
We’ll be gone a week or two.
Something like that.

Like I said, we did not get much done this month. Including making plans.

But adventure is never hard to find. Neither are cuddles with these sweet girls. And sometimes, that’s all we need.