Truck Stop Adventure

In which we decide to save a few bucks whilst driving to Moscow, ID. We stay at an truck stop (right down the street from the KOA) and are woken up at 4:49 in the morning by the blaring carbon monoxide detector. This is the earliest start we ever did see.

Only, it was not Carbon Monoxide that caused the detector to go off. It was a low battery. The battery was low because the refrigerator was slightly open all night. Well, it was open for the few hours that we slept.

But, still, we got out super early and, with a few hard boiled truck stop eggs and truck stop cut fruit, we were off to a good start!

And what a beautiful day it way. Adventures awaited us, nature, birds, volcanic structures, beautiful rolling landscape formed by lava, ice and water.

And, the bonus– dear friends awaited us just on the other side of that “Welcome to Idaho” sign.