The Para Family

We're a home schooling family from Maryland looking to experience more of the country that we can get from two weeks a year.

What we're about

When our oldest daughter was 3 and our youngest 1 and a half we took a trip to South Dakota. We had a great time, the girls learned their left from right searching for wildlife (bison on the left / pronghorn on the right). We've since discovered the National Park's Jr. Ranger programs, which are now a core element in our girl's homeschool education.

Where we're going:

  • Maryland > 2 July - 21 July
  • Cape Cod > late July - early October
  • New Orleans > November
  • Point Mugu > March - April

Where we've been:

Recent Stops

Grand Island NY (Buffalo / Niagara Falls). We wound up having a very nice time staying at the KOA on the island. Not the cheapest option, but they have a very nice park with lots of stuff to do. The girls certainly put some hours on their pool. We also made it to Buffalo for some wings and the American and Canadian Niagara falls.